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Fog Cutter Creamer Means Plant-Based Productivity

Jan 22, 2021

Superfood, Superfood Creamer, Protein Creamer, Antioxidant

Plant Based Productivity

We believe in plant-based, better-for-you foods for the journey, wherever it takes you. Welcome to Redemption Road.

We would like to introduce you to our Fog Cutter Creamer, or superfood creamer if you will, that is jam packed with nutrients and flavors that you both love and need. Not only does it have these amazing attributes, but it is also plant based! What does that mean?

It is also free of dairy which is FANTASTIC for vegans and those who are lactose-intolerant or have dairy allergies. Have you been wanting to explore different diets? Well now is your time to slowly and gradually dip your toes into this new life...easy, delicious, and with things you know!

Delicious Nutrition

At Redemption Road Foods, we specialize in making plant-based, better-for-you foods and beverages that don’t sacrifice on taste. Our powdered coffee creamer and beverage mixes are jam-packed with health benefits to provide you with added nutrition at every point of your journey.

Each serving is high in antioxidants and has 8 grams of protein to fuel your body throughout the day. It’s free of dairy, gluten, added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Our beverage mixes and Fog Cutter Creamers come in single-serving stick packs and one pound bags. Each box comes with 15 stick packs that are easy to take with you, so they're perfect for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. With flavors like Cinnamon Dolce, Hazelnut Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla and more, we have an option for every taste and routine! Not interested or know much about nutrition? Our small and single serve creamers are a great gateway to this new and healthy lifestyle filled with flavors in your comfort zone, as you explore outside of it.

Fog Cutter Creamer is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. Or one of our beverage mixes is a great, healthy substitute for your nighttime cup of tea. Fog Cutter Creamer is not only good in your daily cup of joe, but it is great for a little sweet indulgence when your sweet tooth comes out. In addition to it being absolutely delicious, Fog Cutter Creamer supports the environment by being plant-based, and your body through the super antioxidants, 8 grams of protein, and no dairy. It is also great for picky children who love sweet treats, but refuse to eat their vegetables which are packaged with nutrition and protein. Why not make them a cup of cocoa and provide them with this jam packed protein all in one. It is an easy, simple, no fuss way to provide nutrition with things that your kids love. Picky eaters, you have met your match.

In addition to its use as a creamer in your coffee or tea, try adding Fog Cutter Creamer to your hot chocolate for an extra creamy, dreamy treat (that also provides you with some much-needed protein after skiing or sledding all day). You can also add it to recipes that call for milk or cream; just be sure to add the right amount of water along with our wonderful product. These products are made to share so that everyone in your bunch has a flavor that is for them, in correspondence to their beverage of choice.

Functional and Fun

Here’s another idea - bring Fog Cutter Creamer with you in your purse or backpack, storing it in a small sealed plastic container. That way, when you hit up your favorite coffee spot, you are prepared to add our amazing, plant-based, protein-packed, non-dairy creamer to your coffee or tea and enjoy a healthier version of your caffeine boost to start your day (or wake you up to get through your long afternoon of work). While you love supporting small businesses like your local coffee shop, you too are supporting a small business by shopping at Redemption Road Foods and spreading the word about our lovely creamers and products that are inclusive for every diet, or dietary restriction. We want to be inclusive both in diet and in lifestyle, meaning whether you’re an extreme athlete or an everyday explorer of the concrete jungle... our products are for you.

Please tell all your friends about Fog Cutter Creamer! We are sure that everyone who tries it will love it. Post pictures of yourself enjoying your morning coffee with our delicious product stirred in. Give us a ‘shout out’ by telling the world about this fantastic, inspired, green, plant-based, dairy-free, protein-packed new creamer now on the market! Our packaging is instagram friendly and easy to share both online and in person! Never be afraid again if someone will like your gift, or if they cannot enjoy it because they have made a dietary change... because at Redemption Road we have anticipated this for you. Count this as our gift to you, the gift that keeps on giving. It is good for every person, every beverage, for every age. We won’t tell you how to drink or share our creamers, we only suggest you try them out...and we are sure you will come back for more.