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Becoming Nutrition Minded

Apr 11, 2023

Becoming Nutrition Minded


Some people were born craving the next new thing, and some were born craving the staples, never caring to leave their bubble of comfort foods. As we get older, we notice changes to our bodies that either require us to change our diets for medical reasons, or for aesthetic reasons. Some still are lucky, and never seem to gain weight or have medical problems. Usually all three groups begin having an interest in nutrition and diet at some point in their lives.

For me, changing my diet was easy. I'm eating lots of fiber, and making sure I get enough protein from a variety of sources. I'm making sure I get all my vitamins and nutrients. Making sure I was getting all of this into my diet was fun, and honestly sort of easy. The problem is...  I'm still overeating, so I'm not seeing the results I'd like. But we are all learning how to become better at this. We get better at it as we go, and it starts with becoming Nutrition Minded.

Instead of just cooking something for dinner without thinking about anything other than whats quick and available, you have to begin to consciously shop for things that will create a balanced nutrient profile for your week. Some things go a long way, and don't need to be eaten every day. Others need to be eaten every day. But do you really want broccoli every night for a month? No! There are lots of different vegetables that you can use to mix things up so that you aren't stuck eating the same five dishes every week.

Parsnips make a great substitute for potatoes in mashed potatoes, and I love to use butternut squash instead of potato (or sweet potato) for home fries. Its pretty easy to swap in quinoa or couscous in place of rice, but have you ever thought about using beans? Maybe try sauteed swiss chard instead of spinach. Grilled marinated pork chops or tofu instead of chicken breast.

There are nutritional differences between these choices that can improve how you feel. For instance, beets contain a large amount of dietary nitrogen which helps your blood flow, among other things. Try beetroot powder if you dont like beets themselves. Making salad dressing with flax seed oil or fish oil instead of olive oil will give the dressing a boost of Omega-3s. Putting a Fog Cutter creamer into your coffee can be a nice way to flavor it as well as helping you smash your daily protein goals.

Making small changes can make a positive impact on your mood, health, and even your bank account!