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Get Active with Fog Cutter Creamer!

Mar 16, 2021

Get Active with Fog Cutter Creamer!

This is for all our active people who love to get outside and get moving! We know it has been hard during quarantine and the pandemic to go to the gym and practice your daily or weekly workout rituals, so we have decided to suggest some new, easy tips and tricks to try out! We have talked about how Fog Cutter Creamer can maximize your protein benefits, but now let's talk about our favorite, and active ways to do so!

Whether or not you’re a trained professional, an athlete, a yogi, an everyday gym-goer, or a stay-at-home workout video guru, our Fog Cutter Creamer is a great addition to any active lifestyle, no matter the intensity or consistency.

Healthful Hiking

If hiking is on your schedule, consider taking an on-the-go Fog Cutter Creamer single serve packet that is jam packed with 8 grams of protein. Add it to some matcha green tea at the summit or drink as you go. Our powdered creamers mix effortlessly with any liquid, providing you with a seamless consistency, delicious taste, and the protein you need to create muscle mass and strengthen your body. Keep your bag light with our on-the-go powder packets, and if you are on the hike with a group of friends or family, make sure to bring a selection of creamer flavors for everyone to enjoy. With our wide variety of flavors and fan favorites, we promise you everyone will find their go-to. For a top of the hike celebration, bring a tumbler or travel mug with cups to share some hot coffee at the top; especially if you are hiking in the cold. If you’re hiking in warm weather, our creamer goes flawlessly with any tea, especially our vanilla flavor. If hikes aren’t a regular activity of yours, consider looking into it and finding the nearest trails near you for a glimpse into isolated nature and put your body to the test. 

From Cityscapes to Mountain Sports: Biking

Whether you are a mountain biker, or your bike path falls within the concrete jungle, our fog cutter creamer is a staple for any biker, no matter your destination. The grab and go ability of our fog cutter creamer is like any other and great to keep in all your bags as you never know when a city bike is going to look better than the subway. They are incredibly light and you won't even know you have it. Save that extra money on kombucha or coffee and get the favorite palette of your dreams with the health benefits you need all in one. If you’re taking more of a long bike excursion, say at sunrise, wake up with a fog cutter creamer in a cup of joe, and prep your coffee with a boost of protein for your ride. In between biking and on rests, feel free to add our creamer to iced teas for that thirst quenching punch! If you forgot some of the benefits of adding protein to your daily diet, let us remind you! A protein-packed diet benefits your immune system, enables you to maintain or increase your strength and muscle mass, as well as combat age-related muscle loss. All these things and more can be found in each single serve packet, plus our creamers are plant-based and are great to share mindlessly as they are diet friendly.

Your Go-To Post-Game Beverage

So if you love your workout and do not want to switch anything up, maybe you would consider changing up your workout post-game starting with the infamous protein smoothie. So many protein powders leave your mouth with a grainy, fuzzy feeling, unable to achieve that effortless, creamy smoothie feel. Well, we have your solution. Protein powders also have very little range when it comes to flavors, often providing the classic: chocolate, vanilla, or plain. Do not suffer any longer by drinking the same, grainy, basic protein smoothie every day, and mix it up with any of our following flavors: Cinnamon Dolce, Bourbon Vanilla, Hazelnut Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, and Salted Caramel, and our newest flavor, Spiced Rum. If you like the flavorless approach to adding protein to your diet, we also recommend our plain and pure flavor that offers you a textureless powder protein additive that will not take away from your favorite smoothie recipe. If you’re in the market for a new smoothie recipe, we have our Redemption Road favorite, the Strawberry Banana smoothie featured along with other goodies that make perfect protein-packed snacks.



Fog Cutter Creamer and active lifestyles go hand in hand and these are just a few of our favorite ways to increase your protein intake and add flavor to your every day. Today, it is important we find a way to make the mundane fun and switch up your everyday routine so tomorrow always feels like a new day, a fresh start, and a fabulous day for some protein! Whether it fits your lifestyle, your diet, or your routine, consider adding fog cutter creamer into your active lives. If you’re looking for more ways to enjoy, we have plenty of recipe ideas in our past blogs!