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How Fog Cutter Creamer Can Maximize Your Protein Benefits

Jan 26, 2021

How Fog Cutter Creamer Can Maximize Your Protein Benefits

At some point, your doctor, friend, or parent has likely told you to add more protein to your diet. And they were probably right! We believe that functional ingredients like protein are essential to your health journey, which is why we formulated Fog Cutter Creamer with 8g of plant-based protein. Studies have shown that protein is crucial to helping your body through its normal growth and aging process. No matter where you’re at in your health and lifestyle journey, it’s probably a good idea to add more protein to your diet. The amount of protein you need to add is dictated by your amount of daily activity, plus your body mass - you can consult your doctor to learn more about your ideal amount of daily protein.

Adding protein to your diet can be tricky. Finding options that fit your lifestyle isn’t always a walk in the park! Whether you’re gluten-free, plant-based, or looking for a low-calorie yet delicious option, Redemption Road Foods is here to help you find a solution and maximize your health goals. Meet Fog Cutter Creamer, our favorite plant-based, protein-packed option for active lifestyles and health-conscious newbies alike.


What Can Adding a Protein Source Do For You?

If you live an active lifestyle, you probably already know the benefits protein can provide for muscle regeneration and growth after a hard workout. Studies show that adding protein to an active lifestyle can help you maintain or increase your strength and muscle mass, we well as combat age-related muscle loss.

The benefits don’t stop at active, athletic lifestyles. The breakdown of protein into amino acids is also vital to your regular immune system functions. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, “Diets high in protein and certain amino acids have been linked with successful weight loss and reduced risk factors of obesity and metabolic syndrome.”


Fog Cutter Creamer: Your Protein Secret Weapon

Adding protein to your diet can feel like a daunting task, especially if you already have a routine of foods and beverages you love. And even if you have successfully added a protein powder to your daily routine, so many options leave us with a bad taste in our mouths - literally! Because protein powders are classified as “supplements,” they are not regulated the same way that other foods in your routine are, and can often hide some nasty chemicals and preservatives.

At Redemption Road, we believe in functional ingredients. Fog Cutter Creamer features 8g of plant-based protein, derived from soybeans. Our ingredient list is simple, and we use the highest quality additives available to deliver functional nutrition without hidden chemicals. Instead, we’ve added even more benefits from naturally-occurring astaxanthin and MCT oil to maximize the benefits when taken as a part of a daily wellness ritual.


Adding Superfood Fog Cutter Creamer To Your Routine

While Fog Cutter Creamer is a great addition to your daily cup of coffee, the benefits don’t stop there! As a powdered product, you can treat our superfood creamer like your favorite protein powder, and add it to some of your favorite recipes and beverages for an added boost of protein.


Your Post-Workout Smoothie

Fog Cutter Creamer makes the perfect superfood addition to your favorite smoothie for optimal muscle recovery and a boost of energy, thanks to added MCT oil. Blend one scoop or a single-serving packet into your smoothie, along with your favorite fruits and vegetables, for a flavorful snack.


Your Morning Joe

The original way to enjoy - stir Fog Cutter Creamer into your coffee, hot or iced! Fog Cutter Creamer comes in a variety of barista-loved flavors like Hazelnut Mocha and Cinnamon Dolce, so you can skip the Starbucks line and feel great about the added nutrients!


Your Weekend Indulgence

Love a stack of pancakes or waffles on a Sunday morning? Add a protein boost with Fog Cutter Creamer! You can use the powdered superfood creamer just like any protein powder or powdered milk - simply dissolve into water or your favorite milk and add to pancake and baking mixes to turn any pastry into a protein dream. We recommend our Plain & Pure variety for the best results when baking.


Adding a clean protein source to your diet isn’t always easy, but we’ve got you covered with functional protein-packed foods and beverages to help you hit your fitness goals and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle! Shop Fog Cutter Creamer and other Redemption Road products below.